The story about our oil
Aug, 2018

Extra virgin olive oil 

We are extremely proud of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is of premium quality. When an olive oil is called “extra virgin” it indicates that the fresh olives have been maximum 24 hours old when the olives were pressed. Besides, the olives have been cold pressed and only once. In this way, we ensure it is the best olive oil that is being produced.

An Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a mild and less sour taste compared to a normal olive oil – because it has been cold pressed and made of fresh olives.

The mild and round taste makes our Extra Virgin Olive Oil suitable for roasting as well as dressing on salads or as dipping for freshly baked bread.

We have Extra Virgin Olive Oils for any taste – the classic, pure olive oil and a range of oils with different spices, which can provide any dish with an extra touch!

Cold pressed rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil – also known as “the Nordic gold” is likewise a favourite at Nicolas Vahé. The beautiful, golden colour of the oil and the simple, minimalistic design of the bottle will make the rapeseed oil a part of your décor as well as a delicious product of quality for cooking.

The Rapeseed oil is 100% cold pressed which means that you press the possible amount of oil out of the rapeseeds without warming them up. By warming up the seeds after the first press, it is possible to press out the remaining oil but it can also result in a harsh influence of the taste. To maintain the good taste and high quality of the oil, is our rapeseed oil always 100% cold pressed.

With its mild and nut-like taste will the Nicolas Vahé Rapeseed be suitable for both dressing and dipping – and with its high burning point it is also perfect for roasting.

Tip… Apply our special pourer for your favourite oil. In this way, you avoid an excessive dose and at the same time, it is easier to control the amount of oil when cooking. You also avoid the oil dripping down the bottle and on the table. As a bonus, the pourer provides the oil bottle with a nice look.


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