Home made iced tea with mango syrup

Serves 15 people
Prep time 15 min. (+1 day)

10 g Nicolas Vahé Green tea / fig & lemon
1 litre of cold water
1.5 tbsp. Nicolas Vahé Fruit syrup / mango
1 bottle of Nicolas Vahé Lemonade / ginger & lime
½ lemon

Put the tea in a tea bag and close it with a knot.
Put the tea bag in an airtight container with the cold water. Leave to cool overnight.

Mix the tea with lemonade and add mango syrup and lemon juice to taste.

Green Tea, Fig & Lemon, 100 g.

Green Tea, Fig & Lemon

Fruit Syrup, Mango, 20 cl.

Fruit Syrup, Mango

Lemonade - Ginger & Lime, DK, 75 cl.

Lemonade – Ginger & Lime

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