Penne – Organic Durum Wheat Semolina, 250 g.


These organic penne pasta is the perfect go-to side dish to most meals. The pasta is especially perfect for a traditional pasta sauce as Bolognese or Carbonara. You can also use it as an element in a cold pasta salad or in a delicate pasta dish with meat and vegetables. Our penne pasta can also be served all simple together with a glass of your favourite pesto or bruschetta from Nicolas Vahé. We recommend a dust of Parmesan cheese on the top and a freshly baked piece of bread on the side.

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High quality organic durum wheat semolina*. *organic.
Energy (KJ): 1452 / Energy (kcal): 347 / Fat (g): 1.9 / Carbohydrates (g): 70.4 - of which sugars (g): 1.8 / Fibre (g): 4,1 / Protein (g): 12.1 / Salt (g): 0.01

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