Organic Breadmix, Rustic Dawn, 600 g.


Indulge yourself with this delicious breadmix from Nicolas Vahé. Undoubtedly, a delicious brunch table inclusive this expanded and delicious bread will be a hit. All you need to add is water, salt and yeast, and after a while in the oven, you have the perfect bread or rolls. The dark breadmix is 100% organic and contains wheat flour, graham flour and dark malt flour that provides the bread with a dark and rustic look – hereof the name Rustic Dawn.

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78% wheat flour*. 17% grahamflour* (wheat). 5% dark malt flour* (barley). * = organic.
Energy (KJ): 1644 / Energy (kcal): 388 / Fat (g): 1.84 / Carbohydrates (g): 79.1 - of which sugars (g): 0.8 / Fibre (g): 7.02 / Protein (g): 10.3 / Salt (g): 0.01

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