Dressing, Basil, 25 cl.


This Italian inspired dressing from Nicolas Vahé will with guarantee pep up your salad. The dressing has a flavour of green pesto and fits perfectly to all forms of green salads. The dressing comes in a lovely screw-top bottle which is both beautiful to look at on the dining table and practical to pour off. As extra sweets on your salad, you can combine the dressing with your favourite salad topping. Note: The product has a durability of 4 weeks once opened.

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60.00 DKK / 87.00 SEK / 90.00 NOK / 9.00 EUR / 7.00 GBP

Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil. Basil and Cheese Sauce (17%) (basil. sunflower oil. cheese (milk). sugar. salt. acidity regulator: lactic acid. garlic). White Wine Vinegar. Spirit Vinegar. Water. Lemon Juice. Garlic Puree (garlic. acidity regulator: citric acid). Sugar. Salt. Dried Parsley. Black Pepper. Thickeners: Guar Gum. Xanthan Gum.
Energy (KJ): 1796 / Energy (kcal): 436 / Fat (g): 44.5 / Carbohydrates (g): 6.8 - of which sugars (g): 4.6 / Fibre (g): / Protein (g): 1.1 / Salt (g): 1.32

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